Bryan Cunningham

UI Engineer


Lifelong learner. Bryan is a UI engineer on a mission to create elegant application experiences. He eats HTML/slim/haml & CSS/sass for breakfast and implements designs in Rails, Ember, and Angular in his sleep. Bryan’s passion for building modern web and mobile applications is impressive and he’s got the chops to prove it.

Coming off eight years in the healthcare industry, Bryan got the itch for web development after a series of online tutorials (Team Treehouse + Code Academy). Teaching himself on the weekends, and challenging himself with a variety of side projects, he quickly saw the potential to turn this into more than a pastime. Bryan took the leap into full time web development with an apprenticeship at Neo Innovation, and eventually made his way to Intridea.

At Intridea, Bryan continues to amaze and surprise. With an knack for the unconventional, he brings an added and necessary element to the UX team. We love out of the box thinkers, and he fits that bill perfectly.