Jeff Pelletier

UI Engineer


Jeff Pelletier has been designing and developing websites since the 90's. Over this time, he has worked for technology and content companies, and is currently a UI Engineer at Intridea.

Prior to Intridea, Jeff worked with tech startup Punchbowl, where he was responsible for the front-end development of many Punchbowl web apps, including enabling the front-end of Punchbowl's digital invitations for touch devices.

Before his time at Punchbowl, Jeff worked on variety of projects that touch the mobile web or app space, including projects with Automattic, Brightcove and Oomph. He spent three years working remotely for NESN in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese.

Jeff is the author of Mobile App Manual: The Blueprint, a book for designers looking to learn how to start building their own mobile apps using PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile.

Jeff is a proud alumni of the University of Massachusetts, and currently lives in Framingham, MA, with his wife and three children. In his spare time he likes to read, run, play basketball and kick a mean beat on the drums.