Kathryn Ottinger

Director of Marketing


Colorado native | entrepreneur | coffee enthusiast | left handed

Kathryn is our highly caffeinated, multi-talented utility player. An entrepreneur at heart, she dabbled in everything from specialty coffee and design to HR and business management. Prior to joining Intridea, she owned and managed Brewtique Coffee in Denver, a mobile coffee bar. Like her work for Intridea, she networked in the industry, sought potential clients, and deployed her original marketing strategies.

As operations manager, Kat is Intridea’s secret weapon in client Product GO sessions, developing personas and user interviews. Meanwhile, she effortlessly balances the day-to-day happenings and marketing strategies. Once the chaos is neatly organized, she uses superhuman focus (and jedi mind tricks) to coordinate show stopping events (annual retreats + conferences) and manages Intridea’s blog and social media campaigns.

In her free time — you might find her climbing, geeking out at a coffee roastery, or spending time with her family.