Maggie Lubberts



With a background in public speaking, and a passion for customer satisfaction and quality software, Maggie has been an unstoppable force at Intridea since 2009. During her time as QA and community manager, she fell in love with process improvement and agile development, paving the way to her role as senior project manager, and eventually director of client services.

She leads remote developers and designers and enjoys turning disconnected groups of folks into teams with a common goal; excellent software development and delivery. Believing that caring creates quality, Maggie knows what it takes to effectively manage both clients and engineers. In the last few years, she’s managed projects ranging from big idea startups and Fortune 400 companies, to research institutes with buckets of data to visualize! Earning the nickname "Finisher", Maggie’s ability to step up, dig in, and help push projects to the finish line is what makes her an invaluable player.

When she's not managing teams of talented developers you might find her rooting the newest phone, riding her bright yellow moped, or spending time with her fiancé and dogs in Fort Collins, Colorado.