Randy Weber

UI Engineer


To say web development is a passion of Randy’s is an understatement. From the moment the “family computer” was brought home - Randy’s curiosity for code was unstoppable! From ingesting every book, article, and tutorial related to web development to signing up for as many free hosting sites as possible, Randy quickly realized this intrigue was much more than a hobby.

Jumping to college, Randy pursued an Information, Sciences and Technology degree at Penn State University. Here Randy honed his skills as a web developer and quickly caught the attention of his first employer TRC Interactive. From there Randy would steadily climb the ranks, adding on to his developer toolbelt with positions at Tyco Electronics, TrueAction, MapQuest, and most recently GeoDecisions.

At Intridea, Randy brings his enthusiasm and expertise in SPA, jQuery, and Angularjs to our web development team; adding a extra level of precision, intuitive development, and creativity to our projects. As for hobbies, Randy enjoys reading about technology (of course!), watching sports (Go Eagles!), and spending time with his family.